San Luis Obispo Rowing Club


San Luis Obispo Rowing Club (SLORC) is a non-profit organization at beautiful Santa Margarita Lake. Located approximately fifteen minutes northeast of San Luis Obispo, California, our club's purpose is to provide a peaceful, safe, and beautiful place for people who want to have fun.

If you are interrested in becomig a member or just want to try rowing, consider taking our classes. We offer classes in sliding-seat rowing as seen in Olympic competition. The classes provide basic water skills training that focus on individual rowing (sculling) and an introduction to team or sweep rowing. Safety rules and the history of rowing are also discussed.

No matter what your experience level, come out and enjoy the amazing sport of rowing, an activity that exercises your legs, back, arms, and shoulders. Start your day on the water, but stay and enjoy hiking, birding, fishing, or camping. It's all available at Santa Margarita Lake.


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